Can I do it?


See that cake? Think I can make it (or something similar) for a February 27 wedding? Should I do it? Am I COMPLETELY CRAZY?

I’ve been approached by a coworker and asked if I’d be interested in making this cake for his nephew’s wedding. He knows how much I bake (my colleagues simultaneously curse and praise me when I bring in treats that I’ve baked the night before) so he thought I’d be interested. And I AM interested. But am I being completely naïve to think that I can pull this off? Baking a regular old cake is one thing…doing a wedding cake to feed 40 people is, I think, an entirely different matter.

I may start practicing this weekend. I’ll update here on any successes, failures, or breakdowns that I may have. I’m inspired by Deb at Smitten Kitchen, who did this very same thing (and has some excellent wedding cake expertise

Anyone else done this before? Any tips? Advice? Nay-sayers?


oh wow i would have no idea where to begin with baking a cake like that. i was going to suggest going the route of several singer layer cakes, like orangette's flourless chocolate ones, but if they specifically requested that style, i don't have any further advice than smitten kitchen's wedding cake guide.
cjm said…
If I were you, I'd practice before agreeing. If it looks reasonably good, go for it! I imagine seasoned wedding cake bakers probably have less anxiety about screwing up. I'd be a wreck myself. :) But totally try! It could be a fun side gig.
very married said…
good luck! i've never attempted anything this big before!

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