First Round...

first round of wedding cake

...done! Let me tell you, I was incredibly proud of myself, and quite defensive of this square of cake. My husband wanted to dig right in, and I wanted to scream, "Noooo!" You know how it is - you spend so much time on this project, you hate to see it cut to pieces and devoured in seconds. But I couldn't stop him, he's just too cute.

The verdict? Overall, it was extremely good. The lemon curd was a total hit. The buttercream icing was just right - light and buttery, and it went on like a dream. The cake was a teeny bit dense (which I actually prefer, but maybe it's too dense for a wedding cake?). I used the white cake recipe from Joy of Cooking. So I think I need to test out other recipes to see how they perform. Any suggestions? According to my husband, it needed more lemon curd filling, so next time I'll bump that up to 1-1/2 times the amount I used last night.

Round two...coming soon!


Sarah said…
I almost used Dorie Greenspan's perfect party cake (or something to that effect) for my wedding cake...instead I ended up going with a butter cake from The Cake Bible, just because I liked the flakier texture, but I think Dorie's cake is more wedding cake-like. Also, all the recipes I tested used cake flour, which always made it less dense. Good luck!

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