The beauty of working at my firm (an architectural design firm), is that occasionally they will send you on a business trip that is more like a vacation. Everything is pretty much paid for, and the purpose of this trip is to attend a convention (HD) where you get to preview the new design products (lighting, carpet, wallcovering, furniture, etc.) of the season. It really is a wonderful opportunity to see new design ideas, and it doesn't hurt things that the show is held in Vegas every year. So, probably more beneficial than anything you'll see at the show is the opportunity to walk around Vegas and check out the crazy, wild, diverse, and strange design elements that can be found around every corner. Here are just a few of my coolest pics from the trip.


Sounds like the kind of job I wouldn't mind having.

Great choices for your pics!
beat_emma said…
OMG these place is damn beautiful?? where on this place hail from??
Beautiful pics. I have been to Vegas for the past two summers and I just love it. Just a great place to visit.


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