Scarves + Senior Citizens = Crazy Idea?

The story: I crocheted a cute little scarf (scarfette?) for my boyfriend's mother and gave it to her birthday earlier this month. It was beautiful - a creamy white wool yarn crocheted in a shell pattern, finished off with three adorable pink vintage buttons (damn, why didn't I take a picture?). She wrote me a very sweet thank-you note, and in the note she told me how wonderful it was to have a short scarf that she could wrap around her neck to keep the chill away.

In her note, she mentioned that she thought these scarves would be great for the elderly and nursing home residents. Warm enough to keep necks warm, but also great because they are short and convenient and just easier to use than longer, bulkier scarves. She told me that I should definitely market them to local nursing homes.

So this got me thinking. Well, to be honest I thought her suggesting was a little funny. I envisioned myself trucking from nursing home to nursing home, trying to peddle my wares to senior citizens. I've always tried to market to a younger, more hip crowd, I suppose. But now I'm thinking that this would be a great way for me to give back. I've always been a big proponent of Alzheimer's research (both of my grandmothers suffered from this terrible disease). Maybe I could sell some small scarves in my Etsy shop, and then donate the proceeds to an Alzheimer's foundation? Or, perhaps skip that idea, and instead just spend my time crocheting scarves and then donating the actual items to nursing homes?

None of this will be for my own profit, of course. Let's face it, I can't crochet fast enough to make a profit, and I wouldn't feel right trying to sell these scarves to nursing homes residents anyway. I think I'd rather give them away, and just enjoy making them for the fun and rewarding experience of giving to others. What do you think? Has anyone else done this sort of thing before? Would senior citizens (or nursing home residents) be interested in scarves to keep their necks warm? Am I crazy?


T said…
I don't think it's crazy at all! I have heard of a lot of people doing this, my mom has done a few and actually Vanna White has books dedicated to patterns for charity. Another common charity is crochet or knitting caps for chemo patients.

I think it is a beautiful idea and will bring you heaps and heaps of joy.

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