More Flowers

I don't have anything to blog about today, except that a) it's raining, and I love when it rains, and b) we cleaned the house last night, so today when I get off work I actually have time to myself to make jewelry! Or, make cookies...damn, I can't decide. I really want to try this recipe, which I found yesterday. I think these look splendid, and would be the perfect addition to a rainy, sleepy day.

Oh, and I took some more pictures of the flowers that are in front of Lyndon's house. I told him that I'd like to photograph the flowers in his flower bed, as well as behind his house, and then have them all printed, matted, and framed, and we could make a photo grouping of them in his living room. He loved the idea. Here are a few of the ones I snapped this morning.


Justin said…
I like the photos. I love rain.
T said…
A great idea! What a lovely garden, the flowers are so beautiful!

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