Ruffle Clutch

custom order - progress pictures
{custom order progress...}

Another snow day in Memphis! Of course, I still made it to work, but 90% of the office did not. Thus this post. :) I can't work when no one is here, right?

As promised, here are shots of the clutch that I'm working on. Of course (of course!) I ran out of black thread yesterday and had to give up mid-ruffle, but you can see the front is almost done. My customer picked out the interior fabric, which I ordered here. It's Climbing Lantern Pods in turquoise, by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller.

Assuming that Memphis will clear the roads enough for me to venture out past the Parkways, I'll hopefully be able to get some more thread tonight. (fingers crossed)


cjm said…
Beautiful! Love that interior fabric.

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