Custom Order

clutch trial run
{prototype purse, by moi}

Way back in December I had a custom order request for a purse through my Etsy shop (which I've seriously neglected lately). Of course, it happened right when we were moving into our new house, so I informed the customer that it would take awhile for things to get back to normal and for me to finish it up. You know how awesome she was? She said to not even worry about rushing it, because she doesn't need it until April.

It will be very similar to the one pictured above (my original prototype), but with different exterior fabric, a custom lining, and much better ruffles. I've perfected how to ruffle that silk and attach it without any edges or stitching exposed (hence the tiny fraying you can see). Final pictures to come...


T.Allen-Mercado said…
Pretty. I'm not sure how I missed your Etsy shop previously. Perhaps, I was too caught up in all of your wonderful wedding posts! :)

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