Bad cookie

cookies I wish I was eating

I'm eating a bad cookie* right now, and I'm really mad about it. I'm at work, hating work, stressed out, and what do I do? I reach for the too-hard, plastic-wrapped cookie that came in my boxed lunch (yay for office food, huh?), and I start to eat it.

I know it's bad. But I can't stop eating it. Damn you, stress.

So to prevent any of you out there from making my mistake, please, please for the love of god go check out these recipes and make one of them ASAP. That way, when stress attacks, you won't succumb to bad cookies. The horrors!

The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie, by Not Without Salt
Chocolate Chip Cookies, by Chocolate & Zucchini

OR, for the ultimate stress relief:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake, by Peabody (she and I, we're on the same track here)

*Ok, so the inside was sort of moist and not that bad. But overall, I could do much better.


you made me want a cookie right now, good quality or not, i could really go for some sugar, butter, and chocolate.

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