Two days left and counting...and bunting!

...until the Cooper Young Festival! We're so ready. I've got a pretty good inventory of handmade earrings and clutches. Those clutches were almost the death of me, I tell you. I made most of them out of vintage skirts. They are adorable, if I do say so myself, and I'm very proud of them (but at times, I really wanted to throw my sewing machine out the window). But really, they are great. I'm so excited to see people's reactions to them! (note to self: post pics here eventually).

Oh! And my husband made cornhole sets. No, dirty minds, it's not what you're thinking. Go
here if you've never heard of it. So, in addition to sewing clutches, I was also tasked with sewing 72 corn-filled bags. Yes, that's right...72. I'm surprised my fingers aren't bleeding.

So in the midst of all this, I was thinking about how to decorate our booth to draw people in. You know, displays, banners...I thought - ah! I'll do bunting flags. Goodness gracious, I'm seeing it
all over the place. My first plan was to get my scraps of fabric and sew them into cute flags. Of course, good intentions, but...I barely have time to finish my inventory, let alone devote time to sewing decorations. So! Thank goodness I have and know how to use Photoshop. If you can't sew flags, then design some that LOOK like sewn fabric! Genius.


And I've always wanted to post tutorials and freebies and stuff here, but I haven't really had a reason or opportunity until if for some reason you need a bunting PDF, go ahead and download them
here and here. (Assuming that I linked it correctly). I'm not saying these are the most awesome flags ever, but in a pinch (last-minute baby shower? forgotten birthday party?) they will do just fine. They're formatted to be 11x17, so you can just print, fold in half, and voila, you've got cute 2-sided flags. Let me know how you use them!



la said…
what a great idea! you're so sweet to share! i'm planning to hit up cooper-young fest, so i'll have to check out your booth ;)

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