Men's Shirt Refashion

A few weekends ago, on a lazy Sunday morning, I picked up a men's shirt at a local yard sale. We actually knew the people having the yard sale, so it was slightly weird to be buying our friend's shirt, but I quickly got over it. The shirt cost me $2, it's a great gingham print, and I was determined to refashion it into a cute top for myself. I started on it last night (sorry, no pictures yet), and I've removed the sleeves, cut out a lot of the bulk so that it's more fitted, and added front darts.

And then I found
this post! First of all, I love her blog - she's so completely inspiring. Second - yay, I was trying to figure out how to puff/pleat the sleeves, and she covers that as well. And third - she has an Etsy shop!

If all goes well, I will look like this when I'm done:

cute top!
{image property of My Mama Made It}

(haha, well, not that slim, but hopefully my top will be that cute!)


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