The Beauty Shop.

A sales rep stopped by our office today and generously dropped off boxed lunches for all of us interiors girls. Usually when someone mentions a boxed lunch we all groan, because (I know, I know, it's a free lunch!) it usually involves a lackluster sandwich, fruit salad that is comprised of one strawberry and 15 gross melon pieces, and, if you're lucky, a cookie that is half-way edible (and not nearly worth spending your calories on).

But these! I had to take a picture. My coworkers think I'm nuts.

IMG_2603 copy

See that? That little pink thing? It's a foam curler. Used as a napkin ring/utensil holder. Is that not adorable?

IMG_2605 copy

These lovely lunches came from
The Beauty Shop, which is a local Midtown eatery. It's in a space that used to be an actual beauty shop and hair salon in the 1960's. It's rumored that Priscilla Presley used to go there to get her hair done. Awesome.

But if you're ever in Memphis, check it out. The hair drying stations are still there, and have been reconfigured as seating arrangements and booths. The hair sinks have been incorporated into the back bar. It's got a really neat, trendy/retro vibe, which is helped by the mismatched chairs, tables, and even drinking glasses. It's quirky and fun. And the food is a-mazing. I'm eating my boxed lunch right now, which consists of a wonderful BLTA (avocado, if you were wondering), with homemade chips and a cute chocolate cupcake.

{image property of The Beauty Shop}

...and I know I've been busy at work - and doing nothing but work - when I start to post about what happens in the office...I need a few days off I think.


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