24 and 28 weeks

I really wish I was taking more pictures during this time, but laziness coupled with exhaustion wins out most nights.  But I did manage to snap these pictures at 24 and 28 weeks for my mom, who lives out of town and wants to see as much belly as she can.  Look at it grow!  

In other baking/cooking news, I got a kick of energy last weekend and attempted spinach and ricotta gnocchi, only to have it fail miserably.  I neglected to follow the rolling/forming instructions and ended up with a big pot of floating, lumpy ricotta and stringy spinach - far from the cute soft pillows of gnocchi that I had hoped for.  My husband was a trooper and insisted that it still tasted great, but it ended up being just a hot pile of mess and we chucked most of it.  However, (maybe because I somehow predicted that the gnocchi would need some redemption?) that same day I was bent on having fresh English muffins for breakfast the next morning so I prepped the dough, let it rise that night, and then got up early to finish it.  We may have had our Eggs Benedict at almost 11 am the next morning, but we had those English muffins and goodness they were amazing.  I used the recipe from the Bread Bible, and the only thing I changed was I reduced the salt amount.  It made enough to last us all through the week, which we've been enjoying toasted, with a bit of butter and honey.  

I also have a question for anyone who's had a baby...did you prep and freeze a bunch of meals before baby arrived?  What were you glad that you had?  I want to start doing this but I find myself frozen with indecision.  Casseroles?  Bread?  Is it too early to start?  I want to get a jump start now but don't want everything to come out with freezer burn.  Any suggestions are welcome!


wmbg. said…
sorry, don't know about the frozen meals but just felt like dropping in to say i'm at 22 weeks today. exciting time for us new mommies!

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