Cherry Brown Butter Bars

cherry brown butter bars

I made these weeks ago, when I was still in the middle of my crazy cherry-buying mode. I'd see cherries in the grocery store and I would snatch them up frantically, like it was the last bag on earth, while everyone around me stared at me and wondered what's wrong with that girl? My mind would be racing with ideas of what to do with them - cherry pie? cobbler? something savory to pair with pork? - and then once I got home, I'd be so paralyzed with indecision, that I'd just let them sit for a day until I could make up my stubborn mind.

This recipe comes from Smitten Kitchen. I'd had it printed and bookmarked for an entire year, and I found it as I was flipping through all of my recipes, looking for ideas (which, at that point, I was really wishing for an electronic way to store my thousands of easy it would have been to just do a digital search for "cherry"...yes, I need an iphone. Or a Kindle. Or something that will do that for me...any suggestions?).

Go ahead, make these. Your husband will think you're a goddess. Trust me. I think at one point, with his mouth full of a bite, he proclaimed that these were the best thing that I had ever made. Now that's saying something.


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