Vegas, baby!


I've had barely any time to bake lately. I hate that. I did, however, manage to fit in a very lovely banana bundt cake (recipe here) on Sunday, which my husband and I have been happily munching on all week.

But guess what? I'm leaving again. This Vegas! However, this trip will be for work (boo).

I intend on fitting in as many culinary adventures as I can. Wednesday night we're dining at the
S&W Steakhouse in the Wynn, and Thursday night we have reservations at Botero at Encore. Honestly, I'm not too thrilled about eating at two steakhouses in a row (I think I could easily be vegeterian if I had to), but hey, when you're dining on someone else's tab, you don't have much say (or room to complain), do you?

Last year (on my own dime!) I made it a point to check out the much-hyped
Lotus of Siam, which was, by far, some of the best Thai food I've ever eaten. It's the type of place you wouldn't even dare to check out unless someone recommended it to you. It's located in this abandoned-looking strip mall, next to a worn-out-looking laundromat. It was fantastic.

Aside from the fancy casino eateries, any other hidden gems I should check out while I'm there?


kendi said…
I hear the chicken strips at Treasure Bay are pretty awesome....sorry, I know it's a late rec, but I'm just now catching up on my blog reading :)
kendi said…
I hear the treasure bay chicken strips are pretty fabulous....
sorry, I know it's a late rec, but I'm just now catching up on my blogs :)

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