Crispy French Toast at Silk Road, Vdara Hotel in Vegas

First of all, let me say how lucky I feel that I get to travel to Vegas for work (for free!). Not only did I get to see a ton of new and awesome design products at the trade show, but I was put up at the newest hotel and casino property on the strip. For those of you not familiar with it, City Center opened in December 2009, and is comprised of two hotels, a large spa, five or something restaurants, and a pretty neat casino.

But let's talk about my room. Or rather, let's just look at it.

{the dining area at the entry}

{living the right, out the window, was the Bellagio...I could see the water show from my room}

{the bedroom...oh yes. pretty amazing.}

{the bathroom}

{my favorite part of the whole room...a tub that someone else had to clean}

Now let's talk about what I ate for breakfast my last day there. On our many trips in and out of the hotel during our stay, we kept passing by this venue called
Silk Road that looked like a nightclub. Metallic wallcovering, bright pinks and purples in the furniture, funky carpet...completely trendy. So it came as a shock that this place was not a nightclub or bar, but a breakfast and lunch venue. What? Look at the picture below...can't you just hear the music blaring?

{silk road, a breakfast and lunch destination, masquerading as a bar}

So, aside from the misleading nightclubbish vibe, this place has some pretty good (and, well...sort of expensive) food. I sat down for breakfast (all by myself - don't you just cherish those moments? I do), and was asked if I wanted coffee. Of course, I said. The coffee turned out to be an entire french press of Illy (the best coffee on the planet, hands down), which cost me $12. Yeah, they don't tell you that before you order.

On to the food. I felt like something sweet, so I went for the Crispy French Toast, with carmelized apples, cinnamon custard, and cider reduction. Guys. This was so good. Go
here and scroll down if you want to see a fuzzy picture (I was too hungry to snap one myself). The outside of the french toast was exactly what they said - crispy. And the inside? Warm and gooey and all yum. I guessed that the bread must have been coated in egg, then dipped in either sweet bread crumbs, or cornflakes, or something...I thought to myself, I must try to recreate this when I get home. Hmmmpf. Apparently this is not a new thing, judging from the results I got when I searched for something similar. There are no new ideas in this world, I tell you.

Nevertheless, I intend to make crispy french toast as soon as my schedule allows, perhaps tweak some recipes until I get a perfect result, and then I will post back here with my findings.

Up next...cupcakes for a baby shower! (Yay for
baby A!)


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