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I'm such a bad blogger. And by bad, I don't mean infrequent, which of course I'm that as well. I mean that I'm just not consistent. I follow other blogs that are amazingly inspiring and creative and witty, but all of them are consistent. Some focus on cooking, some feature weddings, others focus strictly on design. And even the ones that touch on a bit of everything somehow manage to make it all work seamlessly, either with graphics or layout, or even the writing style. I feel like my blog is a clumsy hodge-podge of whatever.

But whatever. I think my biggest problem is that I am just lazy and rarely take photographs. Which, I think, is a pretty crucial element to a successful blogger (not counting, of course, blogs that focus mainly on written content).

So I'm going to work on making this blog more consistent. Ha, even as I type that sentence I feel myself saying, "No you won't. You have too many interests to just focus on one. Go ahead and post whatever you want, who cares if you're blog isn't slick and awesome."

So here goes. I wanted to share what I've been up to...do you want to know? This weekend we celebrated my birthday (the big 2-8, woop woop) with a lovely dinner
here, another dinner at home with friends and wine and handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, and a surprise gift from my husband - a gorgeous antique necklace (pictures to come...see second paragraph).

And I wanted to share our pretty little home. See those pumpkins? My husband carved them. Yes, he's the greatest.

our home

our front porch

jack o'

jack o'
{I am definitely the more anal-retentive person in this relationship...I would have had to scrub those pen marks off before putting it out on the porch, but they didn't bother my husband one bit.}


yeah i dont know how the blog-every-day-ers do it! they're our blogs...let's just be ourselves and not worry about it too much.
Oh Jennifer I love your house! It is so cute...I've never seen it before. :) Also...I wouldn't worry about the consistency thing...just be you. I enjoy your posts...from your crafts to your baking and everything in between.:)
cjm said…
Yes, even though I found you during wedding planning, we're both done with that now. I'm still here because we have lots of similar interests. I enjoy the hodge podge. :) And I, too, am in love with your house. So cute! (And am right there with you on the scrubbing the pumpkins bit.)

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