Oh, Etsy

lovely lotus bowls
{lotus bowls, from seasidevintage}

...spending money, that is. But I bought these little bowls, from this neat little vintage shop on Etsy. I inherited bowls just like these (only larger) from my grandmother, and I adore them. We use them daily, and while it makes me a bit nervous since it does increase the odds that we'll lose one to clumsiness (oops, I did that already), I love that we use them so much. Grandma Betty would be so proud. I think I'll use these cute bowls for sauces and spices.

So, yeah, I shouldn't be spending any money. We've had a big thing happen (a good thing!), and soon we will going through a huge change (no,
Stephanie, it's not a baby) - and don't get me wrong, we totally planned for this event and have done an excellent job of figuring out finances and such. So I'm not going to let myself feel guilty, because these bowls are adorable. We just don't really need them. (who am I kidding, yes I did, that's why I hit "buy" as soon as I saw them)


Stephanie Sabbe said…
SHUT UP...because between that comment and then my name (which was not huge gap) I got really excited!! I can't wait to hear now. Are you starting a dog adoption center? That would be my second career pick for you. Or a bakery?
I LOVE those bowls! good choice.

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