A different kind of wedding...

feather love
{photo by featherlove photography}

This, to me, is the best idea for a wedding. Get everyone together under the guise of celebrating your engagement, and then walk out in the most beautiful wedding gown and get married! This would eliminate all of the stress and bickering that tend to revolve around wedding planning. Everyone would be relaxed and at their best, which is what we all want for our weddings, right?

Obviously, even her friends had no idea. How wonderful.


TK said…
I wish I had teh guyts to do that! I mentioned to my mom that we "went ring shopping" and she will not stop harking on a date, a theme - she is more worried about how it will affect her or my brother going off to the Naval Academy than ME! LOL
TK said…
gosh i can't spell today! SORRY!

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