Family wedding pictures

This is far from an original idea, but I'm excited about it. At the reception, we plan on displaying framed pictures of our grandparents and our parents on their respective wedding days. Look at them, aren't they great? (Although I chose to leave out the second picture that Mom sent of her and dad; it involved a cheesy rose and an image of them cropped into a wine glass, complete with the added faux "sparkle" on the side of the glass...typical 70's...)

Grandma & Grandpa McAfee - date unknown

Grandma & Grandpa Miller - July 1947

Mom & Dad - March 1978

I need to find frames for these lovelies. Maybe these?




Truly stunning! How awesome that you have such wonderful photos!

I did a table of photos of me and my hubby since we had been together for so long (since 13 years old).

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