I love these beads. I even hesitated to make any earrings with them, because I sort of wanted to keep them all to myself.

But, ah, I decided to make them anyway. Just look how well these beads photograph! The glass just reflects light like I've never seen before. I'm not sure about the finish, but it looks similar to a dichroic finish. Does anybody know? I bought them at an estate sale, and I was told they date from the 1920's. Gah, aren't they just beautiful! Go check them out in my etsy shop.


able mabel said…
Wow! Those are neat! I hope whoever buys them will appreicate the "vintageness" of them!
These are really beautiful! Sometimes I too get really attached to stuff I make :)
Jessica said…
you have a beautiful blog!!! & yes those earrings are also beautiful!!!
XUE said…
They reminds me of little lanterns! We used to use empty tinned cans as lanterns when we were kids.
BeckyKay said…
Hey there! You were the winner on my blog giveaway!

Email me your mailing address, and I'll get your bag in the mail to you!

beckykaydesigns [at]

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