Before and After

So who doesn't love seeing before and after pictures? No one! So here they are. The story? My boyfriend Lyndon owns his own home, and has for three years. I'll be nice here, and just say that his ex (the one before me) picked out the colors for each room and they were, um, a little...intense. Vibrant. Bold blues, reds, yellows. But not quite suitable for walls. It made the whole place seem smaller, and somewhat akin to a dark, depressing cave. So...I came along, and delicately suggested selecting new paint colors. Lyndon agreed, and look at the transformation! The first picture is the dining room...before. Next picture is (obviously) the after. The next two pictures are of the living room. Isn't it shocking what a different paint color makes?


JammerSage said…
Wow! Those before colors are definitely intense! I love the afters. It looks so peaceful now. Great job!

(from the ETSY forum)
T said…
Wow, the improvement is astonishing! Much classier, if I may say so! :)

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and shop!!
industrialpoppy said…
That looks awesome! It's always amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can see!

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