Grilled Bread and Kale Salad

This entire summer, I've been fortunate to be a part of this CSA program here in Memphis, which means I - along with my participating coworkers - get a large bag of fresh, local veggies and fruits once a week.  With this bounty of food, it has kept me quite busy as far as keeping ahead of the supply and making sure it is all used up properly.  I've been fairly successful in that last goal, and I'm pretty pleased with myself.  A few of the recipes I've made with our loot:

Hashbrown Crust Quiche (with squash)

But here is a recipe that I was required to find because I stupidly bought even more produce and goodies at the grocery store (not to mention the extras that we bought at a last-minute planned trip to the farmers market - because who doesn't love strolling around the market on a Saturday morning, especially when they have popsicles to keep a certain toddler happy?). 

I made this salad for myself on Sunday afternoon.  The whole day lent itself to staying in my not-quite pajamas but not-quite suitable for leaving the house clothes, with my hair tied back and glasses on.  Seriously, I looked completely sloppy which seemed totally at odds with this elegant salad once I had finished assembling it.  I felt like I should have been in my Sunday best and sipping a glass of champagne at brunch. 

This salad used up everything that I had laying around (figs, leftover baguette, Parmesan cheese, walnuts, lonely red onion).  It came together quickly, although it made for a few more dirty dishes than I cared for.  Next time I'll streamline that, and I think next time I'll also massage the kale in some lemon juice.  Quickly sautéing it here did not entirely break down the kale's chewiness.  But other than that, this salad was interesting in its components and the flavor combination was a real winner.  So, if you're in your Sunday lazy clothes, go ahead and make this salad - you'll start to feel glamorous (or shamed that you're still so frumpy at 2 pm!) once you eat this salad.

Try it: Grilled Bread and Kale Salad


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