Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal Bites

Do you need something sweet yet healthy for breakfast?  I did a few weekends ago.  We typically do some type of egg dish (with a bit of sausage or bacon, although we are slowly cutting back on that!) and then a bunch of fruit (grapefruits lately) and then maybe a sweet carb.  I don't know if it's the fact that I was basically raised on carbs (hello anything made by General Mills or Little Debbie!) but I always, ALWAYS crave some carb at breakfast but I cannot justify eating pancakes and muffins all the time.  I found this recipe on a lovely blog and gave it a shot.  Here are the modifications I made (ok so I made them less healthy with these additions but oh well, momma needed something sweetish to go with her morning coffee).

- added 1 tbsp brown sugar
- added a streusel topping - 1-1/2 tblsp butter mixed with a bit of flour and sugar, then sprinkled on top
- also added a splash more milk than she called for

It made (12) muffins and my toddler LOVED them.  Like, ate three and then wanted more.  AMAZING.


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