Super Bowl Chex Mix

I'm sure lots of people fall in this camp, but I couldn't care less about sports, and even more so the Super Bowl.  Sure, the half time show may reel me in for a few minutes, but honestly I'd rather spend my night doing anything else.  We actually ended up eating dinner at a (very empty) Mexican restaurant where we luckily got to catch the shark show at halftime (I also loved the mechanical lion (?) she rode in on at some point but those sharks won the Super Bowl for me - and apparently the Internet today).

But as someone who loves to cook I always get sucked into the Super Bowl eating/cooking/party frenzy.  Everyone else is eating junk on Super Bowl Sunday, and so should we! It just gives me an excuse to make something I normally don't make during the weekend (read: something that is not healthy and in no way contributes to an actual meal).  So, here's some Chex Mix for you.  I think I stood in the kitchen and snacked on this for a full 10 minutes before I realized how much I had eaten. 


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