Cheese Souffle

Guys.  I made this.  A souffle!  I'm super excited for myself.  Isn't a souffle the epitome of baking?  Like, if you master a souffle then you can master anything?  That's what I'm going to tell myself.

I won't say that I planned the night well, however.  After we put baby to bed, I still had a huge amount of work ahead of me - I had mixed up the dry ingredients beforehand but that was it.  So this equaled me angrily and tiredly putting this souffle together (as I sipped on wine, which helped) and then not eating until 10 pm.  Good thing my husband had a drink in his hand and I had made these grapes last week so we had something to tide us over.

Recipe and technique = 10/10
Planning = 4/10

This was amazing, plain and simple.  It was airy, cheesy and went so well with the chicken and thyme carrots that I kept thinking, I have to blog this.  Well, I think that a lot and then I never get to it so this should indicate how incredibly good this tasted.  Because I took the time to tell you about it.

Ok, a few more comments.  I have realized now that I could have made the base ahead of time because I kept thinking, how does anyone serve this for a dinner party?  You'd be in the kitchen the whole time and be a terrible hostess.  But if you make the base ahead of time, keep your egg whites in the fridge, and then whip and fold them into the base at the last minute, you CAN be the hostess with the mostess.  But for Saturday, it was a great dish to eat with my husband, and THEN we ate the leftovers for breakfast with bacon (from this local farm).

So what should I try to make next?  This list?  Or this?  Looks like Baked Alaska or croissants are up next!  Who's with me?


Tammigirl said…
Can I just tell you how wonderful this souffle looks? Please make me one, right now. And teleport me to your house. Thanks!

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