Sweet Treats

T-Minus four days until baby!  When did that happen?

In true Smith fashion, we've been spending our last weekends together as non-parents in our favorite way: yard and estate-sale-ing.  I have to say that my husband is one heck of a bargainer, and has scored a perfect amp and a brand new set of golf clubs for $15 (total!).  While I haven't found any deals that suit me or baby, I was still content to be along for the ride on these sunny, crisp weekend mornings.  We also found ourselves down at the River Arts Fest in Memphis on Sunday, where I bought myself this ring.  I've been coveting this artist's jewelry (and especially these drusy quartz rings) ever since I saw her at the same festival three years ago, and this year I told myself it's either now or never.  So I splurged.  I can't stop staring at my hand now.

In baby news, we're all ready for the little guy (well, we think we are).  Nursery is finished, car seat installed.  I've got a few meals in the freezer (chili, spaghetti, breakfast burritos, banana bread), but my real instinct right now is to bake, bake, bake and eat, eat, eat any sweet thing I can get my hands on.  I made this apple cake (we're calling it bread so we can eat it for breakfast) last night and it is absolutely DELICIOUS.  So it probably won't even make it into the freezer since we've already cut into it.  I also want to make these brown butter bars and these maple apple bars and who knows what else.  Technically, my last day of work is this Friday so if baby doesn't come on Sunday (his official due date) then I suppose I'll have some quiet time next week to bake my heart out.  The logical part of me is telling myself to just go into work next week, but the lazy (or more realistic?) side of me is saying that I'll never have this quiet time to myself again, so I might as well take the time off even if he's not here yet.  Right?  


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