A Surprise for Dinner

How has your spring and (almost!) summer been going?  So far, mine has consisted of more traveling and working than I care to talk about, plus the random baking of bread here or there.  To be honest, I haven't been cooking or baking at all.  Well, I take that back - there has been some pasta salad and I may have whipped up some cookies during one sleepy weekend, and we did throw a party and I put together some fruit and lime kabobs that we enjoyed on our quiet and peaceful deck (above), but really none of it was terribly interesting or blog-worthy. 

But what IS blog-worthy is this: we're expecting!  I'm almost 20 weeks along, and we just had our anatomy scan last week and as much as I wanted the doctor to tell me right then and there, my husband made us stick to our original plan: to have the doctor write down the sex and seal it in an envelope that we would open the next night before dinner.  The torture!  The envelope was sitting in our dining room and screaming my name to be opened.  So the next night, we sat down to a nice appetizer of sparkling grape juice, cheese, and olives, and opened the envelope together...and it's a BOY!  Honestly, it's what I was hoping for.  For some reason, the idea of raising a girl just made me more nervous than raising a boy.  I figure now there is more pressure on my husband!

I am so thankful that this pregnancy has been sickness- and mostly ailment-free, and doubly thankful that so far we're having a healthy baby that is measuring right on schedule.  November 4th can't come soon enough!  (I am secretly hoping he comes on Halloween, because that would make for some really awesome birthday party themes).

P.S. If I work up the courage, I may start posting belly pics...but we'll see.  


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