Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

We are not a particularly religious household, despite being brought up in a Presbyterian and Methodist home, respectively.  I'm sure once we have kids that may change, but for now we do not actively belong to any church.  When Easter rolls around I find myself missing those Easter traditions of getting a new Easter dress, going to church, and, most importantly, being around my extended family all day - doing egg hunts, eating baked ham and eggs, and just enjoying the great weather.

So this year, despite being several hundred miles from our families, I decided to start our own Easter tradition.  This meant a very full Easter basket (which I immediately that candy is whispering to me to be eaten), an Easter sunrise (ok, more like 11:00 AM) bike ride, and...drum roll...homemade cinnamon rolls.

I've had this recipe bookmarked ever since I received that issue of Bon Appetit, in March of 2008.  I have flipped by it numerous times, and fleetingly thought, oh, maybe for a special occasion.  Well, yesterday was the day!

I have to say, that if you want to feel like a hero, and I mean super hero, then by all means make these.  The dough comes together really well, and the end product is incredibly impressive.  You'll have to plan ahead, though.  I ended up mixing up the dough around 6 pm the night before, let it rise for two hours, then assembled and cut them, and let them sit in the fridge overnight.  I pulled them out the morning of and let them come to room temperature (it took about two hours), then baked and iced them.  Easy peasy.

A few notes: I am irritated to even admit this but mine were a tad bit dry in the center.  I followed the recipe to a T which also meant baking for the exact time recommended.  Newbie mistake!  I should have checked them at 16 minutes or so.  So check them often.  Also, I should have followed the other commenters that said the filling could easily be doubled.  Once the dough rose and baked up so high, the filling seemed a little scant.  This does not mean they are objectionable, however.  Quite the opposite.    

Ready to become a kitchen god/goddess?  Grab the recipe here.


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