Momofuko Bo Ssam

Well, I made this dish about two months ago and I was reminded of it this morning because, if you can believe it, we're still eating on it.  I froze half of it the night I made it and just pulled it out of the freezer for my husband's lunches this week, and I was reminded - again - of just how good this was.  

What is it?  It's a huge piece of meat.  The recipe called for an 8-10 pound pork butt, and my husband came home with a 12 pounder.  Seeing as I was just making dinner for the two of us, what's two more pounds of meat?  Ridiculous.

But this couldn't have been easier.  And seeing as at this particular restaurant where this originated they charge upwards of $200 for this meal, it is nothing short of brilliant.  I will definitely make this again, except maybe for more people the next time.

A note: After letting the pork sit in the fridge for 6 hours with the salt and sugar rub, I debated briefly about whether or not to rinse off the salt before I put it in the oven.  It seemed like an awful lot of salt and I had a flashback to an awful disaster of a  recipe I tried once called "salty fish" (thanks, but no thanks Joy of Cooking - that recipe was the pits) that resulted in, well, you guessed it, too salty fish, but I decided to follow the recipe to the letter.  The result?  Yes, the skin on the outside is somewhat salty, but the last blast of carmelized brown sugar really helped to temper it.  Plus the salt was able to penetrate the meat inside so it made for an all over wonderful flavor.  

Ready for lots of meat?  Try the recipe here.


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