A New Cookbook, A New Resolution

My Christmas and New Year's blur of a week was amazing, albeit a bit stressful.  We trekked our way up to Ohio to spend Christmas with my family, trekked back to Memphis, and the next day hopped on a jet plane to Mexico.  To Mexico!  We had both decided early on that this New Year's needed a bit more excitement (plus just relaxation), so to Mexico it was.  Lots of money spent, lots of drinks consumed, and lots of wonderful food eaten, and all of it so, so worth it.  

But I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year, which, incidentally, also involves Mexico.  I had bookmarked this cookbook right when it came out (I've been following her blog now for over a year), and I'm so glad that I told my mom that I wanted it.  Now, honestly, another cookbook is probably the last thing I need (seeing as I collect recipes almost daily and will never have time to get to all of them), but this one really seemed worthy of becoming part of my collection, mainly because I had no cookbook solely dedicated to Mexican/Tex-Mex cuisine. If you are curious about different peppers or spices used in Mexican dishes, or how to make your own salsa (or tortillas!), then take a look at this book.  I haven't had time to try the recipes first hand (see above sentence), but I cannot wait.  I'm thinking that I'll try my hand at making the Ruby Red Sweet Rolls this weekend.  Anyone have the book, and tried the recipes yet?  

And also, a resolution.  (What is yours?)  Our household's resolution this year is to be more conscious of how we consume - not just food, but the inevitable waste and garbage that is a by-product.  I got a jump start on this goal last year by sewing us some every-day use fabric napkins, which has eliminated our use of the paper kind.  We're now looking into starting a composting bin - I am especially fond of this design idea.  I'm already saving scraps of vegetables for stock, but I think composting will really be a great way for us to make our environmental footprint a bit smaller.  Every bit helps, right?


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