Italian Meals, Revisited: Venice, part II

So, third day in Venice. Our daily excursions consisted of the St. Mark's Basilica, Murano Island (which involved a scary water taxi ride), and the Accademia. But, let's get to the food, shall we?

Dinner, Night 3: Trattoria Da Bepi

Our first course: Pasta with olive oil and chili (me), and pasta with clams (my husband):

I ended up getting a small roasted pepper salad for my dinner because I was so full from the pasta, but my husband's meal really blew us away: cuttlefish pasta in ink! Look at it! It was the most beautiful and weird thing I had ever seen. I'm so happy that he ordered it, and even happier when he shared it with me. Amazing!

Dinner, Night 4: Our favorite, Ruga Rialto.

It's probably a sin to eat at the same place that you just visited the night before for appetizers, but guys. This place was so good. We didn't regret it one bit. Look at what we ate:

Appetizer plate consisting of: cud fish cream, calamari (again!), salmon, and squid. Divine.

First course (we split this): Spaghetti with clams (!)

My main: Grilled gilthead (the special that night).

My husband's meal: Grilled squid. Awesome.

Next up: Florence!


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