Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake

Well, here I go, already going back on my word. This recipe isn't from my Bon Appetit magazines, but rather from the New York Times. However, it is from my huge cache of online recipes that I tend to collect, and I've had this recipe saved for over a year, so I'm proud of myself for that.

So, blood oranges. Have you ever had one? Me neither. I was at my local Kroger a few weeks ago and eureka, they had bags of them! I vaguely remembered that I had kept this recipe, so I snagged a bag immediately.

And I'll have to be honest, I was very unsure of this batter as followed the last step, which is to mix in 2/3 cup of olive oil. It seemed too greasy, too oily to ever bake up into something enjoyable.

But, oh, I was wrong. I'm sure you are familiar with dunking a really good piece of bread into a bowl of really great olive oil, right? And how the oil seems to just infuse the bread with a certain wholesomeness ? Well that's this bread. Add in the slight sweetness sugar, the welcome (but light) bitterness or the oranges, mixed with the zest, orange juice, and the tang from the buttermilk, and you've got yourself an amazing little loaf of cake. I've made it twice this week (!), and if I see any more bags of blood oranges, they are mine.

Go here for the recipe. And you can thank me later.


kendi said…
ooooh, there are blood oranges everywhere here. I'm snagging this recipe for sure! thx!

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