This is not a food post


This is a post asking for your help. See that little link in the upper left-hand column of my blog? The one that says "Vote for Tunica Humane Society"? Please click on that link and vote for that organization. You can vote once a day. They are in the running for a $50,000 grant from Pepsi. They deserve it so much.

And here's why. My husband and I learned of this organization through a friend, and learned of their need for foster homes. They had one puppy in particular - a German Shepherd puppy - that we agreed to foster. On Saturday, while my husband finished up some jobs around the house, a friend and I drove down to Tunica to pick up little Ruby.

And you guys, the shelter doesn't even have a building. They don't even have an address. It is run by two of the sweetest ladies, who are working with nothing but their own money and volunteer time to keep this shelter running. They have upwards of 50 dogs, all in outdoor kennels. But I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness - these ladies and their volunteers are doing an amazing job with what they have, but they need a building. Sandy, the director, told us that during the winter, they had to tarp all of the kennels and they had to constantly keep switching out water bowls, as the water would freeze almost as soon as they put it out. And now, the dogs are having to sit out in this unbearable heat. The kennels all have roofs, so at least they are in the shade...but still.

The organization already has a building that they know they could buy and turn into a wonderful shelter, if only they could win this content. So please, vote! To convince you to vote, I've included a picture of our foster puppy, Ruby, getting a much-wanted belly rub from my husband. So please, vote!


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