yes, this is in our kitchen
{currently my only picture of our new kitchen, because I think it's funny...this is a decal (wallcovering sticker?) of a scene in Tuscany (I think). The seller's realtor described it on the realty website as "adding great character...shows lots of depth". Which totally sold us, you know? We needed no other reason to buy than this mural right here. So this is where we have breakfast every morning. Isn't it just picturesque? Sadly, this will be the first thing to go when we start on the kitchen renovation...}

I spend a lot of my time thinking about baking and cooking, so you'd think when Christmas comes around I'd be thrilled to have the opportunity to bake things and give them out as gifts. A baker's dream! But I find myself paralyzed by indecision. This is a huge test, right? I have to find the best cookies and treats to make. There just seem to be lots of just ok cookie recipes out there, and I just don't want to mess with anything that's mediocre.

That's why I love food blogs (see also: my left sidebar of ones that I follow). Food blogs are like cookbooks, but infinitely better! What's not to love about a medium that allows people from all over to comment on the correct procedure for, say, making creme brulee? It's so fascinating to me. I've also recently discovered AskMe, specifically the posts tagged
food and beverage. Great tips and tricks to be discovered there.

I've muddled through several of these blogs and posts, and found a few recipes that I have decided to give as gifts this year. I wanted to give a variety of things, so I searched for nut recipes, truffle recipes, as well as cookies, of course. So here they are (and thanks to their respective blog owners for doing all the dirty work to distinguish between so-so and so good).

chocolate carmel crack(ers)
lemon cornmeal shortbread cookies
pepita brittle
rosemary butter cookies
rum balls
twice-baked shortbread (note: this would be, most definitely, my choice for a last meal if I were ever presented with that question. Just a big platter of these and a glass of milk, and I would die happy)
sugar and spice nuts

What are you making for (edible) Christmas gifts this year?


cjm said…
Just made the shortbreads. Good heavens, they're good. Why does the recipe make so few? Thanks for the link and happy holidays!

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