Handmade Dishtowels

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As a wedding present, my friend and co-worker Stephanie gave me this very cute set of dishtowels that she made herself. Isn't that so sweet? She sews all sorts of lovely things - baby clothes, baby shoes, and now dishtowels! I told her that she should open an Etsy store...

{image property of Leanne Graeff}

And speaking of Etsy, and keeping with the dishtowel theme, wouldn't
this make a wonderful present? Personalized dishtowels with an image of your home! How thoughtful would that be for a new couple moving into their first house together? My fiance's parents are going to soon be leaving their lovely home and moving to a new city, so I may buy this as a reminder of their house they shared for over 30 years.

P.S. Wondering about that first photo? I just discovered The Pioneer Woman's Photoshop Actions, and you can get them here, for free!

P.S.S. As of today, we have six days to go until we're married!


Inspired Kara said…
Those towels are adorable! I love getting homemade gifts :)
Logan said…
yay for 6 days!! good luck and looking forward to seeing pictures of your beautiful wedding.

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